The Baltimore Sun: Article

The Baltimore Sun: Article written by Jean Marbella

“… wrenching footage from (actual conversion therapy sessions) forms the heart of the 1 1/2-hour documentary.”

The Arts STL: Review by Sarah Boslaugh

“Yeagley enjoyed extraordinary access to Nathan’s life and to his therapy sessions.“ Review by James Van Maanen

“… for those viewers willing to enter the world of a religious-but-conflicted young man… this is a film like few others.”

Review by Anthony Venn Brown, Author of A Life of Unlearning

"... An intimate and revealing, behind the scenes expose..."

HuffPost: Article by Tim Rymel

"...poignantly highlights how far we have to go as a society to create a place where people don’t have to choose between authenticity and faith."

The Humanist Magazine: Review by James Croft

"My recommendation: watch The Sunday Sessions with a friend and with some tissues, but definitely watch it."

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